The Remittance Grant Facility (RGF) is a challenge fund established by the Government of Ghana and Switzerland. The RGF is financed by Switzerland through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and managed by KPMG International Development Advisory Services (IDAS). The overall aim of the RGF is to facilitate the flow of remittances through formal channels to poor and rural Ghanaians and, in the process, enhance the impact of remittances on economic growth and poverty reduction.


The immediate objectives of the RGF are to reduce the cost of remittances and extend their reach to the rural poor. More specifically, the RGF seeks to contribute to the:

  • Development of innovative services that extend formal remittance channels to poor and rural Ghanaians throughout Ghana in ways that make the services more affordable and accessible; and

  • Development of innovative remittance-backed financial products (such as deposit and savings accounts, insurance and forms of investment) that are affordable and accessible to poor and rural Ghanaians.

To this end, the RGF will provide grants to support the design and pilot testing of products and services that (i) are affordable, (ii) are accessible to target customers and (iii) encourage savings and investment as opposed to consumption.

Expected Impact

In the long term, the RGF should lead to increased economic growth and better income for poor households through a more efficient use of remittances. A key goal is improved financial inclusion in Ghana, especially amongst rural folks. The project also has the potential to introduce new, technologically advanced and replicable business models in the remittance industry in Ghana - in ways that make it cheaper to send money and much more widely available to people – even in rural areas.

Anticipated direct beneficiaries of the RGF are 11,200 while indirect beneficiaries are 56,000 over the five-year duration of the project.

Remittances play a crucial role in the recipient countries economic growth and development. Recorded remittances are more than three times the size of official development assistance and nearly two-thirds of foreign direct investment flows to developing countries.

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The RGF will award grants between US$20,000 and US$250,000 to deserving projects.

Projects may include both the design and pilot-testing of a product or service.

Financial service providers, non-financial institutions, money transfer operators, mobile network operators, and fintechs.

Companies that are interested in RGF funds should be licensed or apply jointly with a licensed company.