Companies will compete for RGF funding. The Fund Manager plans to run competitions within the first two years of the project duration. The application process is in two phases, namely: a project concept note and a full project proposal.

Concept Note Phase:

  • All applicants must initially submit a concept note consisting of a brief summary of their business idea.  Applicants can access the application form from this link.

  • Concept notes will be assessed, once the competition closes, and successful applicants will move to the project proposal phase.

Project Proposal Phase:

  • Successful applicants from the concept note phase will be invited to submit a full project proposal. The proposal should provide more detailed information on the project, including financial, business performance and development impact projections.

  • During this phase, the Fund Manager will visit the shortlisted applicants to carry out an assessment of their ideas and businesses. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to present their business idea to the Selection Panel.

  • An independent Selection Panel will review and select the project proposals to be funded based on the selection criteria.

  • The Project Steering Committee will approve the final projects to be funded.