IT Consortium Limited (ITC) is a technology solutions provider that adapts technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to its customers. With clientele ranging from financial institutions, schools to government agencies, IT Consortium combines experience across these industries to provide powerful solutions to drive fintech and financial inclusion innovations.

TransFlow, the company’s flagship product, is a payments ecosystem that links financial institutions and mobile money operators to merchants and their customers across Africa. IT Consortium provides end-to-end integration between billers and a variety of customer touch-points (bank, mobile, cards, ATMs, POS, etc). This delivers real time engagement with customers by providing agile payment solutions that are easy to use. ITC acts as an aggregator for Mobile Network Operator (MNOs) using its TransFlow Biller Middleware. ITC is a major aggregator for MTN Ghana and other MNOs (Vodafone, Airtel/Tigo) in Ghana and Liberia.

In banks, Transflow combines the knowledge-base and workflow of merchants to assist in capturing payments and provides the payment data as feedback into the workflow to run subsequent processes. The TransFlow Payment Ecosystem is currently linked to more than eighteen (18) banks in Ghana.

Mobile Financial Services for Everyone, the RGF-funded project, will adapt ITC's flagship platform, TransFlow to make remittances safe, accessible and affordable particularly to the rural poor and to introduce enhanced automated financial service delivery to them using Safe-Send technology. This technology relies on blockchain to eliminate mistakes associated with delivery of funds. In addition the project will introduce e-deposit, savings, investment, pension and insurance products to improve financial inclusion of the low income people and rural dwellers in particular.

The grant support is USD228,180 while ITC is providing matching funds of USD 267,845  towards the implementation of the project. 

The project seeks to contribute towards meeting the following RGF objectives:

1.Greater use of formal sector remittances

2.Faster remittances through improved first and last mile access

3.Lowering the cost of remittances and

4.Expanding existing remittance products

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