Nsano is a fintech that specialises in mobile money aggregation, electronic banking solutions, merchant payment services, crowd funding applications and artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Accra-Ghana, Nsano has expanded to other countries in the African sub-region including Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire and Zambia, where it provides services and solutions to solve the peculiar problems in the financial landscape.

With an ambitious vision to process about 50% of Africa's GDP by end of 2020, the young and vibrant team at Nsano is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to drive financial inclusion and revolutionise payments in Africa.

Over the years, Nsano has championed financial inclusion through constant innovation and partnerships with relevant stakeholders to provide customised digital financial solutions designed to reach the last mile.

Nsano has a proprietary remittance product - MT DIRECT, which allows remitters to send money to any mobile money wallet in Ghana. Furthermore, as an innovative way to reach the very last mile, MT DIRECT allows remittance to recipients without a mobile money wallet using unique tokens which allow recipients with suitable valid IDs to access remittances.

MT DIRECT, which is the RGF-funded project, targets poverty and grassroots livelihood improvement by reducing cost, improving access, and deliberately directing funds towards investment. The project will provide, through its credit component, microloans in the form of farming inputs using a scoring algorithm that is based on remittances received. In addition, Nsano plans to recruit agents which will create job opportunities for the youth and in effect an increase in their standard of living.

The grant support is USD250,000 while Nsano is providing matching funds of USD 250,000 towards the implementation of the project.

The project seeks to contribute towards meeting the following RGF objectives:

1.Greater use of formal sector remittances

2.Introducing a new credit facility by offering microloans in the form of farming inputs and enhanced savings products to beneficiaries.

For more details, please visit the company’s website:https://www.nsano.com/